Prayer Begins Jama'ah
Fajr 04:08 04:30
Zuhr 13:02 13:30
Asr 16:56 17:30
Magrib 20:09 20:14
Isha 21:39 21:45
TIECM will now be holding 1 Jummah Salah (13:10pm Khutbah Start, Salat 13:30pm). Prior booking in no longer necessary
Jamah : 04:30
Jamah : 13:30
Jamah : 17:30
Jamah : 20:14
Jamah : 21:45

TIECM will now be holding 1 Jummah Salah (13:10pm Khutbah Start, Salat 13:30pm). Prior booking in no longer necessary


Tawheed Islamic Education Centre of Maidenhead (TIECM) was established in February 2009 when the current site at 22 Cookham Road, Maidenhead was purchased following the sale of our previous premises.

We have grown gradually as a community and now accomodate the needs of over 500 people in Maidenhead at various times of the year.

TIECM provides weekly Quran classes for children after school, as well as weekly reminders and classes on Tajweed, Tafsir and the Arabic language. These range of classes cover children of all ages, aswell as sisters and older adults.

Once our new masjid is complete we plan on providing further outreach services to the local community, expanding on our homeless support and TIECM Helping Hands. One of our goals is to project a positive outlook on Islam and give dawah to the local community through leading by example as responsible members of the community.


    Ramadan Update

  • Please find below COVID secure guidance for the coming Ramadhan and taraweeh prayers. These will be reviewed on a daily basis and may change pending COVID rates. The masjid can not reduce the risk of COVID to zero, but can take measures to significantly reduce risk. *Compliance of safety measures* is required by the community to ensure we have a safe environment for all. Those brothers and sisters with chronic health conditions and elders should consider their own individual risk and whether they have been vaccinated or not.


    • We will have *ONE Jamaat*. The first isha prayer will be from *9.30pm*. Once the masjid is full no further entry will be permitted.
    • Due to covid, taraweeh prayers will be reduced in length to *half a juz* this year. This will be reviewed on a regular basis.
    • Our sisters are welcome to attend for taraweeh prayers. The 3rd floor will be for sisters use only*..
    • Brothers please give *sisters priority for lift use* and use the stairs.
    • If anyone *requires disabled access with a wheelchair or unable to climb stairs* from the front there will be an accessible lift from the rear.
    • Brothers please use the 1st floor, 2nd floor and 4th floor*. The ground floor may be opened for brothers if needed. Only use left hand stairs.
    • Please *park considerately* and avoid gathering outside the masjid.

    ✅ *COVID Secure Restrictions*

    • Face masks must be worn* by all those attending for prayers. Please do not remove as you place others at risk.
    • Please *do not attend if you have COVID symptoms* or have a household contact.
    • Bring your *own prayer mats*.
    • Please *make wudhu at home*. Facilities will be open in the masjid for exceptional circumstances only.
    • Use each row for prayer with appropriate *social distancing*.
    • Sunnah prayers are *encouraged to be prayed at home*. For those wishing to do so in the masjid please pray in your place and ensure appropriate sutrah.
    • Due to capacity issues - for taraweeh and JUMU’AH prayers *children aged under 10 years are not permitted*.


Latest News:
  • Ramadan Mubarak - The moon has been sighted. See 'Latest News' for updates on Ramadan and Taraweeh arrangements.
  • TIECM will now be holding 1 Jummah Salah (13:10pm Khutbah Start, Salat 13:30pm).
  • Jamah times: Fajr: 04:30, Zuhr: 13:30, Asr: 17:30, Magrib: 20:14, Isha: 21:45