SustainingOur Legacy


Help us purchase a TIECM Owned Rental Property to support the running of the Masjid.

Our Goal: £500k

We're commited to preserving the unique heritage of our TIECM community. Through our collective efforts and educational programmes, we aim to nurture our children and build upon our legacy for generations to come.

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Prayer Begins Jama'ah
Fajr 03:02 03:45
Zuhr 13:06 13:30
Asr 17:29 18:00
Magrib 21:25 21:30
Isha 22:55 23:00
Jamah : 03:45
Jamah : 13:30
Jamah : 18:00
Jamah : 21:30
Jamah : 23:00


Tawheed Islamic Education Centre of Maidenhead (TIECM) was established in February 2009 when the current site at 22 Cookham Road, Maidenhead was purchased following the sale of our previous premises.

We have grown gradually as a community and now accomodate the needs of over 500 people in Maidenhead at various times of the year.

TIECM provides weekly Quran classes for children after school, as well as weekly reminders and classes on Tajweed, Tafsir and the Arabic language. These range of classes cover children of all ages, aswell as sisters and older adults.

Once our new masjid is complete we plan on providing further outreach services to the local community, expanding on our homeless support and TIECM Helping Hands. One of our goals is to project a positive outlook on Islam and give dawah to the local community through leading by example as responsible members of the community.


Ramadan 2023 Announcement

The blessed month of Ramadan will begin on Thursday 23rd March.
Taraweeh prayers are open to both Men and Women.


  • Jamah times: Fajr: 03:45, Zuhr: 13:30, Asr: 18:00, Magrib: 21:30, Isha: 23:00