Tawheed Institute is a new department of TIECM. It offers weekend structured Islamic Science studies for brothers and sisters from beginners to advanced levels. We cater for all ages from children 6 years plus to adult learners. The Institute is headed by our Principle, Ustadh Yahya Al-Rabby. Tawheed Institute is an entirely separate department from TIECM Madrasa, where the latter offers weekday evening Quran recitation studies. The two have distinct and independent registration processes and fees.

Our Principle: Ustadh Yahya Al-Raaby Ustadh Yahya Raaby, born in Kolding, Denmark and raised in London, England is currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Islamic Law. He began memorising the Qur’an at a tender age and by The Grace of Allah completed it within his teenage 2 years. He studied at Badr Academy under teachers who consist of graduates of The Islamic University of Madina Al-Munawarra (KSA) & Islamic University of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saudi in Riyadh (KSA). Therein he also studied different Islamic sciences such as Tafseer, Hadith, Usool-Fiqh, Fiqh, Grammar, Seerah, History and more. From a young age he always had a knack for the Arabic Language and was always involved in studying its different aspects; from listening, reading, writing and other core language skills. This allowed him to become fluent at the language before he was ever able to set foot in an Arabic-speaking country.

Today, Yahya spends his days juggling between studying Islamic Law, pursuing his career in Media and serving his community through means of Teaching, Lecturing, Delivering Friday sermons, Leading Prayers, Counselling and more.

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